Monday, April 11, 2011


           I remember as a child watching the “Garfield and Friends” cartoon show on Saturday mornings.  And back when people actually read these things called newspapers,  I would dig through the Sunday paper just to find the comic strips, and Garfield was always one of my favorites (probably because it never had too many words in it). There was however always a recurring theme with this large orange feline, and that was his complete and utter distain for Mondays.

            At a young age I never really understood what the big deal was about the dreaded Monday, and his obsessive compulsion to try and avoid Monday. And often found it a little repetitive, and sometimes flat out annoying.  But here I am some years later deep in the throws of a full on case of the “Mondays”. 

There is something to be said for pacing yourself. And this weekend, I even took time and shirked a few “shirkable” responsibilities to spend a day with my wife, and our two boys. Something that my schedule, both in ministry and the day job has not allowed for in quite some time. But here I am, the weekend has blasted past and I’m staring down a very full week of day job, ministry (about 70+ hrs. worth) and all that on top of my family responsibilities. So, how does one pull themselves from the depths of the Monday doldrums,  and accomplish something, anything? Well here’s what I’m going through right now!

I’ve given my practical advice before but I’ll recap a little.

  • Make a small list – Get that stuff out of your head, make some sort of priority for each item and tackle them one by one!
  • Don’t get defeated before you get started – Let the person who you need help from say “No”, don’t say it for them by never asking! Don’t make excuses for why something can’t be done, get started and deal with issues as they arise.

So I’m doing exactly this, I can in a few minutes cross of “Monday’s blog post from my list”. I didn’t really have a plan for what I was going to write about today, but I started writing anyway and dealt with that issue as it arose, I didn’t let it stop me from writing,

      But more importantly when you find yourself in these valleys, it’s time to celebrate the small things in life, the little victories in ministry, the times when just for a moment you actually got something right! Today is a good time to remember those times. Let even the littlest victories lift you up today. And then take a minute and give thanks for them. Thanks for reading.



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