Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Small Price to Pay...

So I haven't posted in a month... My apologies!

Here are some key words to catch you up on what I've been up to since we last met.

- Colorado
- Group Publishing
- Life Book
- Carl and Taylor Blunt
- Divine Soldiers
- HeyHiHello
- Shine Bright Baby
- Coming soon - Fall Retreat!

I'll most likely blog about all of the above in more detail but I wanted to share a story today about something that happened to me on this past Saturday morning.

A brief back story: Our ministry was fortunate enough to become involved with the Life Book movement, before their waiting list grew to 680+ churches! And last week was our "Saturation". So the whole week we had been cheering on our students to go into their schools and hand out the Word of God to their friends. Well the Lord had been dealing with me throughout the week and questions kept coming to mind about my willingness to be so bold as to hand a few out at my day job. So I did. One to my boss, and a few to some co-workers who are parents of teenagers. Well this boldness was put to the test in a new way on Saturday morning at about 6:50 a.m.
Heading South on I-77 in the dark, going about 80 in a 65 zone. I met State Trooper Mosser. Who kindly pulled me over and made me aware of my transgression. I apologized and handed him the appropriate credentials. While waiting for him to run my plates and ID and write my citation, a question was placed in my mind.
"Don't you have a few Life Books in your bag?" ...oh no.
"Uhmm maybe... well yeah." no sense in lying...
"Give him one." ...oh no.
"Wait a minute, these things are for teenagers, high school students, not law enforcement officials!" I replied.
"Give him one." the argument didn't go much further, I found myself opening my laptop bag and grabbing a Life Book (Turns out, I knew right where they were...).
Upon his return to my car side Trooper Mosser had me sign by an "X" and explained some things to me that I really don't remember, my heart was pounding so loud it rang in my ears, partially because of the adrenaline from getting pulled over, BUSTED, but mostly because of the anxiety of what I was about to do.
He handed me the ticket, and I asked him "I'm sorry, what's your name?" "Mosser" he replied with a somewhat quizzical look. I'm guessing most people only ask for the name of the trooper who just handed them a ticket, after being completely rude or belligerent towards said officer, so as to file some form of complaint with their supervisor or higher up,  I was quite the opposite.
I shook his hand, "I know this might seem weird, but I really feel God told me to give this to you." with crazy amounts of nervous energy pumping through me I handed him a copy of the Life Book. Barely able to speak I said "I don't believe nothing happens for.. no reason?" great now I sound like a moron!
"So, thank you for your service to our community, and that's for you..." I finished.
"Ok, thanks.And if you slow down I won't bug you anymore, ok?" he replied, with a look that questioned my ability to tie my shoes much less operate a motor vehicle. "Sounds good." I replied, and with that he turned and headed back to his cruiser, and I eased back into traffic.

Shortly after, I was crushed, the financial burden of the ticket, and the possible effect on my insurance rates weighed on me heavily. I found myself asking what the cost of serving God truly was on my life.(As if the price of a speeding ticket was just way too much!) During my day at work I shared the story with a coworker who is a fellow believer, and as came close to finishing it, he headed me off at the pass. "Did you give him one?!" he asked abruptly. "Yeah!" I shot back quickly. "Good, it's a small price to pay then."

I'd like to say that on my way home Trooper Mosser found me and pulled me over and excitedly told me about how he read the book I gave him and it changed his life right then and there, and he gave his life to Christ on his lunch break! But truthfully he didn't. I may never see him again. He may never read the Life Book, or any version of the Bible. But for 10 minutes one morning God put me on the side of the road, and introduced me to someone I would have never met in under any other circumstances, and had me give His word to him.

It's not about us, it's about doing the work of the Kingdom. It's not about my finances, my driving record, my insurance premiums, any of that, it's not about us. It's about Him.

It's a small price to pay...



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