Friday, October 14, 2011

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     So I've shared a little bit about The Life Book movement and the awesome people who are running that ministry. But I wanted to take a minute today and share about some of the awesome people who helped out with the crazy event we did surrounding our Life Book Saturation.

      Through an amazingly extensive amount of precarious and unfortunate circumstances, I had the most horrific time trying to book a musical act for our Kick-Off rally. So much so that it was the Wednesday prior, and I had Carl and Taylor Blunt coming in, and that was it. (Not that they weren't completely awesome) but we had invited other youth groups, and made this big deal about how big and fun this night was going to be. So, with every passing minute the tension was truly mounting. As I burned up the phones and email circuit, talking/emailing across the country from Nashville to Pennsylvania, to Indiana and Wisconsin, and probably places I didn't even realize I was in contact with, I collected a large number of "Man I wish we could" type responses.

     A volunteer of mine suggested I call a local hip-hop group called Divine Soldiers, she had seen them perform and reconfigured them highly. So I checked them out, and the rest is history.

     I could talk about how awesome their music is, and it is... But I wanted to just take a minute and thank them for being "in season" when the call came. They embraced, myself, our youth group, and the mission of the Life Book Movement like it was their own. They've been gifted musically, and they continue to heap those gifts back into the Kingdom. Brandon (@SoL_of_DS on twitter) is himself a bi-vocational youth pastor, and through this experience we have sparked a friendship and have had opportunity to build one another up in ministry. I took the long way around to getting to meet Divine Soldiers but God had them ready and I'm thankful for His plans, which are always better than my own.

Please, do yourself a favor and check out Divine Soldiers by clicking here.
You can also find them on iTunes here.

Thanks J-Wal and S.o.L.



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