Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do's and Dont's...

Well it's safe to say, that I'm pretty excited these days. The Simply Youth Ministry Conference is rapidly approaching! Just 30 days from when I'm writing this post...

So I'm going to take the next 30 days and post some Do's and Don'ts concerning SYMC.
This will be my second trip to the conference and having been there once, I've learned a lot about how to navigate it (at least I feel like I did...) and I'll share my thoughts and excitement with you over these next several weeks! So here we go!

Do: GO!

- I know this sounds like a no brainer. But seriously, scrape together the registration, and then go to Simply Youth Ministry's Facebook page and connect with someone from your area to car pool with and get a roommate! You will reduce the overall cost of the trip by nearly 50% if not more! It's worth it, YOU are worth it! Just GO!

Don't: Get overwhelmed.

- If it's your first time chances are you're going to be wandering around the conference either a) like a deer in the headlights, or b) like a kid in a candy store. There are over 200 classes, workshops, and sessions to choose from, it can definitely be intimidating. Here are my 3 suggestions for first timers.

- Attend the "Getting the most out of SYMC" class.  It is offered several times in the afternoon, before the first general session that evening. This is an informal chat with several SYMC staff folks including Kami Gilmour who is the brain behind the entire conference. Totally worth it.

- Find a conference buddy. SYMC is seriously about community, and not "going it alone" you'll be surprised at how many folks you run into that are serving at the church down the street. Make connections, make friends and help each other navigate the conference. 2 heads are always better than one, especially if this isn't their first rodeo!

- Choose. Like I said there are seemingly a million things to choose from, use the tools that you'll receive from SYMC to plan out what you want to do. (They have a sweet online scheduler that you can access when you've registered!) I'm not saying don't be flexible, but it never hurts to have a battle plan. And if you choose not to decide, well you still have made a choice.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more Do's and Don'ts as SYMC approaches!



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