Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where have you been?

You're answer could very well be, "No where at all, it's you who's been missing!". And you'd be completely right.
I don't even want to think about how long it's been since I've posted, but I'm getting back on the trolley.

Here's a short recap of the past few months, and I'll hope to hit on some of these happenings in the posts to come.

Life around Thanksgiving gets very busy for the Isley household. On top of family, professional, and ministry responsibilities, for the past 19 years I've been honored to play the role of the Mouse King, in a local professional ballet company's production of the Nutcracker. So for the better part of two week in late November/early December, nearly every day is filled between the day job, ministry, family and countless rehearsals added to the mix.

Following the run of the Nutcracker, I had to make a quick shifting of gears as we've made the move in my ministry to have our weekly services on Sunday nights, instead of midweek on Wednesday nights. It's been an exciting time, but also full of much organizational shifts and adjustments. It's been work. But worth it.

Not to mention on top of all of this, in mid November I enrolled in a home Bible institute and have been taking courses on top of all of the other responsibilities.

So you can see that, blogging has really had to take a back seat. But as I've found a little bit of balance in my life, I feel it's time to get the gears turning again.

Thanks for your patience. And welcome back everyone, it's nice to meet you... again...